Train delay announcement
1. Make a delay announcement within the scope of Beijing Subway lines.
2. If train delay at any station for 15 minutes and above.
3. Make an announcement respectively according to three periods----“Operation start-10 a.m.”/ “10 a.m.-17 a.m.”/ “17 a.m.-operation finish”.
4. Make an announcement of “ Operation start-10 a.m.” period at 10:30 a.m., and“10 a.m.-17 a.m.” period at 17:30 a.m., while “17 a.m.-operation finish” period announces after operation finished. At the same time, update delay announcement by the operation adjusting situation.
5. Refer to the operation situation of the last 7 days, we would note the history delay announcement records for query.
1. This announcement proves delay situation for Beijing Subway lines only, it can’t be a compensation proof of tourists’ loss due to the delay.
2. This announcement proves the delay time corresponding delay lines only, it cannot be a train voucher for passengers.
Line start~10:00 10:00~17:00 17:00~End
Line 1 Normal Normal
Line 2 Normal Normal
Line 5 Normal Normal
Line 6 Normal Normal
Line 7 Normal Normal
Line 8 Normal Normal
Line 9 Normal Normal
Line 10 Normal Normal
Line 13 Normal Normal
Line 15 Normal Normal
Line BaTong Normal Normal
Line ChangPing Normal Normal
Line FangShan Normal Normal
Line YiZhuang Normal Normal
Line Airport Express Normal Normal
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